What is Twitch? Everything You Need to Know

What is Twitch? Everything You Need to Know

Many people when asked a question about what is twitch, they don’t give the best answers. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss ‘what is twitch’. The broader way to define twitch is; It is an online streaming platform. It is generally a live video of usually games shown to millions of people. Twitch was primarily a gaming platform but they didn’t stick to that and realized it’s for something more than just games. It was initially introduced in 2011 and very soon they expanded the features including streaming of TV shows, music, charity streams and a bunch of different type of streaming. As soon as twitch evolved and expanded the features, it emerged as the leading source of internet traffic. A comprehensive overview of what is twitch is going to be discussed further in the article.

History of Twitch:

When Justin.tv was launched by Justin Kan and Emmet Seahr in 2007, gaming content was the one among a number of different contents that rapidly increased the streamers and viewers. Keeping the public interest in mind they decided to introduce twitch.tv. It was available for the public use in June 2011. Amazon drew its attention to it and later on in 2014 it was purchased by Amazon and the report says that they bought it in approximately 970 million dollars.

What’s on Twitch?

We have talked more about what is twitch; let’s get a broader view of what’s on twitch. Due to the larger volume of content, you will see different users performing actions in accordance to their interest like playing games, hosting channels, charity streams, chatting with the viewers during the live stream and much more. As it provides more knowledge about games, parents can use it to know more about the aptness of the game to decide whether to allow their kids to play the game or not. This platform is oftentimes utilized for video-game tutorials; even the type of Twitch makes it possible for a variety of learners to socialize with each other. It is additionally utilized for applications creation instruction, together with communities of clients flowing programming endeavors and discussing their job.

Is Twitch a Social Network?

Through recent years since its launching, Twitch gradually introduced an assortment of qualities which have helped it to evolve out of being a fundamental streaming networking site into something precisely resembles social networking like Twitter, Facebook. Its users can follow each other, they can send or receive messages to/from each other directly, they can post their status, comment on posts, like and share posts, etc. It also allows its users to report or block the content they find violating the policy of the service. 

Twitch Tv

How to Find Twitch Streamers?

One way that Twitch recommends is to stream on the front page of its official website and application. Still another popular means to find fresh Twitch stations to see is by simply navigating the Games category. This alternative can be found on each the programs along with the Twitch internet site and is a simple method to discover a live flow concerning a certain video-game name. An individual can also discover new streamers by following them on other social networks. Let’s say, you are using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can follow the new Twitch streamers after discovering them on different networks.


You can use twitch on platforms like

  • PC
  • Xbox
  • IOS
  •  Android
  •  PlayStation

You can use it on the above platforms either by hitting the website or downloading the app.

Twitch vs. YouTube:

Things we have discussed so far in this article are ‘what is twitch’ ‘what’s on it’, and many of its features. We are now going to be talking about the comparison of Twitch vs. YouTube. There are different reviews about the comparison. Deciding the best between the two depends totally on the nature of the user. But we are going to discuss the Pros and Cons of both.

Pros and Cons of Twitch:


  • Very well set up for the live stream with least copyright restrictions.
  • Definitely, it’s easy to get recognized on this platform as there are not as many creators on Twitch as on YouTube.
  • It is famous for its strong donations and pays for the subscription.


  • Much harder than it seems. A lot of streamers spend hours and hours to make a reputation.
  • It’s very hard to continue entertaining people. Unlike on YouTube where you upload a few minutes video and get a lot of views, you work on twitch for hours so it’s not easy to entertain people for hours continuously.

Pros and Cons of YouTube:


  • You can upload videos on YouTube and that will be exposed to a very large fan base because we know YouTube is big as there are millions and millions of users that are on YouTube daily.
  • YouTube is user-friendly. You just have to go to the top corner and by clicking just one time on the upload button you are done with your job.
  • YouTube has a consistent following. Over time you are going to build a huge following and you have those consistent subscribers who will always be watching your videos.


  • It is really hard to get the notice or attention of the people as YouTube is flooded with creators.
  • Live streaming is not as strong on YouTube.
  • YouTube has a certain restriction like restricting to upload certain contents.

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