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What is Slack? And How to Use Slack?

Slack is a place where work happens. It’s a new layer of technology that is replacing emails around the world. It helps to bring together people, any kind of data and applications. This platform is generally easing the company’s communication methods by replacing the emails inside the company. With a large number of employees in a company, it’s very difficult that all the communication inside a company going smooth. Slack is resolving the issue by providing the easiest way to create channels. You can have a number of different channels having multiple projects, teammates who are sharing the information, files and much more.

At any time if any teammate has an update, a question, a document or information to share he can put it into that channel. You just have to type the thing, hit it once and now every teammate can see what you have shared in the channel. So the channels in it are actually replacing inboxes. You don’t need to send the message to every other teammate individually. If a channel has 50 members working on a project and someone in the team has to share a file; he/she does not need to send the file separately to all the team members but he can post it in the channel and all 50 members can now have the file shared.

Why Use Slack?

The reason that you want to use slack is to keep your team on the same page. With the slack, you have an area or a workplace where people engage and try to facilitate one another. When you are running a business you are not simply able to communicate with every partner individually but at the same time you want your members to be on the same page, this platform is highly recommended in such circumstances. You can now communicate with all of your partners in one place.

Slack status

The slack status allows the members to show their status or availability to other members of the team. If you are going somewhere to enjoy your vacations, or taking rest or doing any other activity other than using slack then you can customize your slack status. By doing so all the members would come to know either you are available to them or not. You can set your slack status up to 100 characters and emoji of your choice can be added too. Here is the procedure to set your status on the desktop as well as on mobile.

Slack on PC

  1. Click your slack workspace name available on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on customize status button.
  3. Here you can select suggested statuses or either you can customize a status of your own choice.
  4. Add an emoji corresponding to your status. It’s really helpful.

Slack on Mobile

  1. Click on your profile name or on More items icon symbolically represented as (…).
  2. Click on customize status button.
  3. You can either select status from the suggested ones or write/customize your own status here.
  4. Add an emoji corresponding to your slack status.

How Slack Status Appears?

An emoji that has already been set once with the status gives a quicker way for your team members to know what you are up to. Your teammates can also click or just hover on your slack status to know more specifically about your activity. In case, if you have not set an emoji to your slack status, it automatically shows a speech balloon sign to other members that you have set a status and the teammates can read it following the procedure.

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