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what is ai

A short intro to AI Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?


What is AI

To make the human effort least is the main focus of technology in modern era and to do that; scientists & technologists have been working for over hundreds of years to make the machine; able to complete it’s task without human effort. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is actually a rapidly advancing automation that can understand and perform the task like human do. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(ML) are too much interconnected with each other.

Unlike the other techniques in which computers need instruction on every step by the programmers, this technique make the computer learn from the data given to it without step by step instruction. So with less effort; computers can be used for more important tasks than before.  Research on AI has got more importance after its enhanced usage all over the world.


In modern era people want to spend money to safe the time. For example if we see some new concept like ‘Smart Cars’ that will have the ability of  “self-driving” with the help of AI, it will make the people get more time to work even in cars without wasting their time in driving.

Have you ever experienced chatting on a customer support website? Not? Try it. You will observe that the response is so quick but not every website has a live person on its side to respond. Most of the times you are talking to a machine automated with AI which is getting data from that site and delivering it to you. Securing the data of an internet user is now a days the biggest issue to internet society so with the help of artificial intelligence they have the way to ensure customer privacy. You might have observed on different social media websites that one can’t allow to upload the prohibited data(videos ,pictures) or the data which is against the policy of internet policy maker. And if someone tries to go against their policies they immediately detect it. Here the detectors are not live agents but this is due to AI;most of the time.

Internet society is trying to connect most of the major purposed thing with Artificial Intelligence like online banking, detecting the spam in email, face recognition, speech recognition, video games, smart cars, smart home devices etc. By the efforts of technologists AI is now almost everywhere helping us to do the things more easily with less effort.



As it is a complex field so it has been facing many challenges like thinking exactly as human, providing the fulfilled task with much better quality, securing the data of customer/user. So a lot of time is still required to meet the challenges and fully replace the human.

What is AI?

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