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The story of rise and fall of Nokia brand

Why was Nokia so successful?

Nokia, a Finnish company that ruled the communication world for more than two decades. Nokia, a multinational company which was established in 1865 in Finland. The company brought their first “Transportable Phone” manufactured by Mobira into the market in 1984 that can be used in cars and home. The phone was weighted 5kg and its name was Nokia Mobira Talkman.Nokia Mobira Talkman



Later on, they introduced another phone named Nokia Mobira Cityman, weighted 800g and was able to be used anywhere in the city. With the passage of time, the company got to know the need of people so they developed some Featured Phones in 1991 that were able to make GSM calls. This innovation spread in Europe and the US and the company achieved results beyond their expectations. They sold more than twenty million featured phones that made the company best in the world. Nokia Mobira Cityman

What Happened to Nokia?

Have you ever tried to know why such a big company destroyed? Most of the people say that the company never changed/upgraded their technology but that is not true. NOKIA was the biggest selling brand in the world in the 21st century. This was the time when the company was getting bigger & bigger but it was difficult for them to manage such a big name that has a lot of Manpower, Manufacturing setup & Global presence and moreover some new companies like Samsung, Apple, were getting introduced in the market. Here “difficult to manage” does not mean that they were not able to manage that they already had but they were not able to manage what they didn’t have and that is “Android” or “IOS”.

The point here is, all the new companies connected their database with Google, Android but Nokia was still trying to go on with its Symbian technology. Google was interconnected with Android and providing a platform to developers to make new applications, so they developed more than 1 lac applications and Nokia’s supporting software didn’t have more than 20 thousand applications. Later at the end of September 2010, the company changed its CEO named Stephen Elop. He thought that the world has now switched from hardware to software so they need a change in their technology to survive in the congested market. Here is the answer to the question asked in the first few lines that the company never upgraded/changed.


The company changed their technology but in the wrong direction. How? Firstly they were thinking to shake hands with Google but suddenly they changed their decision and moved towards Microsoft, the decision that destroyed them in the market because Windows was not the platform to develop applications. They thought that Microsoft has better software technology and NOKIA has best hardware manufacturer so they will compete in the market but it was not a good idea. Nokia is trying to make a great come back but it will take a lot of time to get their position back.


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