Screen Sharing in Google Hangouts is among the most popular and widely used feature to share a screen with your audience or ones you want to connect with.  It allows you to share any kind of information available on your screen like documents, text, video, audio, etc. Let’s take example, you are supervisor in a company and you want to evaluate the progress of the work allotted to the employees, surely you can use the feature of Screen sharing in Google hangouts to connect with your employees so that they can give you a short presentation of the work they have done so far OR you are a good online tutor helping people to learn different things via videos, blogs, etc. and suddenly one or more of those learners request you to have a live session, you can connect with all of them using this amazing feature of Screen share in Google hangouts. Here is the complete guide of how can you share your screen.

Step by step guide for Screen sharing in Google hangouts:

  1. Download and install the Google hangout application (if not already installed). When you are using a PC, you have to click on the Apps icon in the Chrome Browser or visit Google Hangouts for Desktop.
  2. Open the Google Hangouts.
  3. Click on Compose, New video call.
  4. Select the names of the members you want in the session.
  5. Click on the video call button.
  6. Click on the share screen button available in the app.
  7. Select the screen you want to share e.g. you want to share the screen of any folder then open that folder and click the share button.  
  8. Wait until the video feed is successfully loaded and then click on Present to everyone button.
  9. Now any action you perform is visible to all the participants.
  10. To end the session just click on Stop button.

So, in ten easy steps, you have learned how to use “ Screen Share in Google Hangouts” feature.

Troubleshooting in ‘ Screen Sharing with Google Hangouts

There is nothing to worry about if you are facing any glitches while doing Screen Sharing in Google Hangouts. The solution is here:

  • Clear the browser cache.
  • Update the browser version.
  • With the same steps followed earlier try different browsers.
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