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Most Popular Programming Languages in 2018

Most Popular Programming Languages

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2018 Java If we compare the popularity of java on the basis of figures/numbers we surely come to know that Java has lost its demand by about thousands of job postings in 2018 in comparison to 2017 but remains considered as a highly well-established programming …

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Best IDE for Python in 2019

Best IDE for Python

Best IDE for Python Our first baby steps with Python, which Generally involve making a ‘Hello World’ program and a couple of typos, do not need much in the means of specialist tools. It is okay to hammer out the code in a text editor, changes to a terminal, and …

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linux commands

LIST OF LINUX COMMANDS You need an operating system like windows to run your computer/laptop at your office and many other forums but for security purposes from hackers, etc. there is a need of some secure operating system and Linux is the first choice for these guys. It normally works …

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Html Cheat Sheet

HTML for Beginners Cheat Sheet

Html Cheat Sheet Basic Tags | Body attributes Text Tags Links Graphical elements Forms HTML5 input tag attributes CSS Cheat Sheet for Beginners html cheat sheet

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