Most Popular Programming Languages in 2018


If we compare the popularity of java on the basis of figures/numbers we surely come to know that Java has lost its demand by about thousands of job postings in 2018 in comparison to 2017 but remains considered as a highly well-established programming language. Java is almost two decades old in age, used by millions of developers and easy & compatible to run on almost any hardware and operating system easily. All Android applications are derived from Java, and a higher percentage of companies and hundreds of firms use Java for backend development.


Python climbed to peaks of popularity by about 5,000 to 6000 job postings within 2017. It’s a basic programming language used for web creation/development and as a service language for applications developers. The reason behind the increasing demand and popularity of Python are website developers and software developers because they want something that gives them advance and advantageous options to deal with.


JavaScript, the mother of all programming languages, is nearly as less popular now as it was in the past. There is nothing special for us that could surprise. JavaScript is utilized by over 80 percent of programmers and 90 percent of all sites for any potent logic in their pages. Several front-end frameworks have substantial future potential as IoT and mobile devices become more popular, so we can think that we will see the fall of JavaScript in popularity anytime in near future.


C++ changed very little in fame from early 2017 to now. Initially, it was amongst the most popular programming languages especially for the application developers, web developers etc. but later on due to least in modification, it lost its popularity. An extension of the old-fashioned “C” programming language, C++ is generally used for software development, sports development, drivers etc. Many programmers find C++ complex and more challenging to work as compared to Python and other languages so they prefer not to choose C++ most of the times at a higher level.


C# (pronounced “C sharp”) got a straight decrease in demand this year. It is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft.NET platform and also to make development faster and easier than Microsoft’s languages that were initially introduced. C#, such as C++, is much used in video game development. Therefore any desiring game programmers would be wise to learn both of these languages.