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Java Programming Language

What Is Java Programming Language? Should You Learn It In 2018?

java programming interview

What is Programming?

java programming interview

Let’s start with a very basic idea, what programming is? Imagine a laptop charger and think what it can do. The idea comes to mind is, it can only charge the laptop & nothing else but at the same time if you imagine what a laptop or a computer can do, you will be surprised to know that a computer can do any instructions that you give it i.e. from reading text to playing audio/video etc. and that makes a computer a ‘Universal Device’. For communicating with a computer you need to speak its language. We are going to discuss Java programming language briefly in this article.

History of Java Programming Language:

Java is having marvelous footprints out there in the history of programming language. Team Green initiated the Java programming language project in 1991 by the name of “Green Project”. The aim was to develop a language for digital devices. After getting modified, this project got the name “oak” and then the name changed to “Java”. There was a first public release in 1995 and this was the original Java that came out to the world. The developers of Java programming language were having one main goal and that was to get the developer rid of compiling the source code again & again and the very popular term used for that goal was ‘Write once & Run anywhere’. In 1996 the first version of Java Development Kit (JDK) was released and just after that a lot of things were modernized.

Why You Should Learn Java As First Programming Language?

There are hundreds of programming languages in the market but in this article, you are going to know why you should learn java as your first programming language. Here are a few reasons:

  • Open source:

Java is an open source language and moreover, the software development kit of java is completely free with a cent% free runtime environment to download and install on any device.

  • Easy to learn:

There are tons of online resources on the internet in the form of online courses, tutorials on YouTube that can be beneficial for a beginner to learn Java programming language with least effort. Also, there are various online courses firms for this purpose and they maintain their certification program so you can be a professional certified java programmer as well.

  • Excessive development tools:

To be successful in the developer’s market any programming language needed to be more and more excessive of supporting & development tools and java fulfill this requirement in an awesome way. Java, a programming language has an excellent support for different IDE’s like Netbeans & Eclipse.

java programming interview

  • Mega job opportunities:

There are over nine million Java developers and two billion mobile devices that are running Java applications worldwide which indicate that by learning Java programming language you would be no longer unemployed.


Here are a few major applications of Java programming language:

  • Android Apps:

Most of the app developers prefer Java to create an app. Gaming apps like Subway Surfers, Temple Run etc. are also based on Java.

  • Web Development:

Java language is famous for the development of many popular websites like Google, Facebook etc.

java programming interview

Should you learn Java Programming Language in 2018?

Most of the guys ask this question that is there any need behind to learn Java programming language in 2018? No one can answer this question straightforward because it depends on the conditions of why is someone willing to learn Java i.e. is there any job opportunity in that area where someone is working/learning or what kind of programming is he trying to do. This is because the demand of the programming language is purely regional so at certain area PHP is popular and at a certain area, Java is more popular.

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