Hey, if you want to install any operating system or any software you want to run on your PC/Laptop you must do it via USB device because its speed is far better than the speed of a CD room. The function that would take one hour via CD room will just take few minutes via a USB device. Let’s see how to make a USB bootable.

There are different software available on the internet which helps you to make your USB bootable and here we will discuss one of them. The initial step of all the software is same as you have to visit on your browser either its chrome or Firefox etc.


Once you will search the keyword ‘RUFUS’ on Google, you just have to open the first link shown on the very first page on the Google as can be seen in Figure 1.

                             iso to usb

             Figure 1

 Once you get into that link, you need to scroll down the page until you see an option of ‘Download’ as shown in Figure 2 or you can directly open this link in URL.

Figure 2

Why Rufus?

The advantage of this ‘RUFUS’ is, it is a compact and portable software. Once the downloading process is done, you just have to right click on the software and then click the option “Run as administrator”. You will see a window shown in the figure in which you do not need to change the default setting of the setup. You just have to select the ISO image you want to make bootable and then press the start button. You will see a warning message on our screen and you just have to press the ‘yes’ button and here the process starts. Once the process gets 100% complete your USB is bootable now. You can install any operating system or software through this drive.

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