Digital Signature in Word

How to Insert Signature in Word? A complete step by step guide

You will find several documents that demand to insert a signature in Word like official email, professional medical strains, and basically whatever recorded in your own life. If we talk about manual work, everyone has his unique way to give a personal touch to a document belongs to him and we use the term “handwritten signature” for it. But now you are going to learn one more thing that will ease your way rather than signing each and every page with a pen or pencil in your hand. Yes, another way to show your official relation to a document is to insert a signature in word digitally. It does not mean that you cannot use your ‘handwritten signature’ in word, YES you can insert signature in Word created digitally and at the same time, you can insert signature in word, written on a blank page i.e. handwritten signature. In this article, you are going to learn both the ways to insert signature in word.

How to Insert a handwritten signature in Word?

If you have a question “how do i write my signature on a word document” in mind, you must follow these steps one by one to do this with ease.


  • Scanner
  • Blank Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Laptop/PC
  • Microsoft Word (Registered)

Getting started:

  1. Place the Blank Paper in front of you.
  2. With that Pen/Pencil you must sign on any part of the paper.
  3. Turn the scanner ON.
  4. Scan that signed paper and save it in laptop/PC.
  5. Crop the ‘signed part’ from that scanned copy of the paper.
  6. Save the cropped part as a new image file.
  7. Open a New Microsoft Word file.
  8. Select InsertàPictureàselect the file contains the cropped image as shown in Fig 1,2
  9. You can drag the picture to any part of the paper.
  10.  You can easily enlarge or shrink the size of your signature too.
insert digital signature in ms word
                                                                                             Fig 1
insert digital signature in word
                                                                                              Fig 2

How to Insert signature in word Digitally?

A digital signature is an electronic way to authenticate the electronic/digital information such as email, documents in digital form, etc. It confirms the data derives from the signer and has not been altered.   


  • Laptop/PC
  • Microsoft Word (Registered)

Getting started:

  1. Open a new MS word file.
  2. Select InsertàSignature LineàMicrosoft office signature line as shown in Fig 3.1, Fig 3.2, Fig 3.3.
  3. A dialog box appears as shown in Fig4. Type the information in the dialog box that will appear beneath the signature line.
  4. In Suggested signer, type Full name of the signer
  5. In Suggested Signer’s title, type Signer’s title, if any e.g CEO. (choice)
  6. In Suggested signer’s email address, type the email address (choice).
  7. Select the checkbox to allow the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog box, it allows the signer to write the purpose of signature.
  8. Select the checkbox show sign date in the signature line, date of signing the document will appear.
insert signature in word
                                                                                          Fig 3.1
digital signature in word windows
                                                                                           Fig 3.2
digital signature in word mac
                                                                                           Fig 3.3
digital signature in word
                                                                                            Fig 4

How to insert Signature in Word Mac?

The above-mentioned procedure is applicable for both MS Word for Windows PCs as well as Mac.

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