future technology



future technology.

We all have been using and enjoying mobile phone technology for more than two decades but at the same time, we are getting bored with that. But don’t worry because in this article you will come to know the top Future technologies that will force you to enjoy what you really want to.

Flexible Displays:

As we all have seen the ‘curves’ at the edges of phone launched by Samsung or slightly bent/curved phones by LG, but this is going to be more amazing. Yes, you will be able to completely fold your mobile phones after using it. In this technology, displays will be completely flexible. The user will enjoy the games, videos, chat more than they ever had.


Health Monitoring:

Most of us have used the feature of Blood Pressure & Heartbeat detectors followed by some specifically functioned sensors in our mobile phones. Fitness bands have also been used by few of the technology lovers. But there is a great hope that in the near future the technologists would introduce some of the high tech features that will allow the users to take care of their health more precisely. One will just have to touch the mobile phone with his/her skin and will come to know the different parameters functioning in your body like heart rate, the condition of your skin etc.

3D Interface:

You might have observed that every software developer is trying to update the software from 2D to 3D. Same is the case with the mobile phone. Intellectuals putting their effort to introduce the feature of 3D in mobile phones that will help the user to see the objects coming out of the screen of the mobile in the air. Yeah, it will be amazing.

future technology


Efficient power saver:

One feature that every manufacturer is trying to resolve but is still not fully resolved is having no “Long lasting batteries”. In the future, you may see the batteries that will not be discharged forever. But the question here is how will the batteries then work? The answer is, the batteries will get charged may be with the movement of your body or either with the heat of your body or maybe with the solar technology etc.

These are the few hot topics getting discussed by most of the great technologists and intellectuals. Their complete focus is to give the world what they never had before. And yes we agree if they officially launch the above-mentioned features then the new era of the technology will get a start and the smartphones will really become SMART.

future technology

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