Evolution of Flying Cars technology


Since the end of the 20th century when the airplane was invented, talk of inventing a ‘Flying Cars’ became the hottest topic among the aeronautical engineers. Although the concept that seems easier at the time each attempt ended in a failure. But now they are almost here. Yeah, now you do not have to get stuck in huge traffic jams, reaching office late every day and at the same time getting insulted by your boss and much more. How??? The answer is ‘FLYING CARs’.


Flying Car


Engineers along with experts made a design that looks like a sports car on the road, a helicopter in the air shown in figure 1 & Figure 2 simultaneously.

It accelerates from 0 to 16 in just 8 seconds on the road like a sports car and immediately after few steps, it starts flying in the air just like a helicopter with the pressure made by wings of the fan shown in Figure 2. The engineers put the safety first so in case of an engine failure it can safely be landed.

What’s the problem???

Still, the problem is, that you need an airport or clear highway to take off to the air, a Pilot license; and all these requirements make it least choice of the buyers. As mentioned earlier that you do not need to get scared to heavy traffic on the roads anymore because now you can fly anytime anywhere. But the term “anywhere” gets eliminated after the limitation or the requirement of the airport, clear road, license etc.

 Future idea:

We want a verticle Take off and landing vehicle but that’s much much harder. Okay! Its time to the future. Its time and you are passing through rushy roads what you have to do to make a flight? You just have to reach at the nearest verticle Take off and landing pads. Once you reach that area with about 50 feet of clearance from all the sides and hit the switch. Verticle Take off might be done with the system fans or the function that will be installed for that purpose. The solution to the problem of Pilot license is they are trying to automize it. Yeah, no pilot will be needed and the whole process of flight will be done automatically. See Figure 3 to clear the idea of verticle Takeoff/ Landing Pad.

Flying Cars


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