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How to Donate on Twitch?

Twitch is the biggest platform to watch and enjoy the live streaming. You can donate on twitch to the streamers who are providing your desired content and entertaining you the most. Most of the streamers work hard to present some best content to you and in reward they deserve a kind of support or donation on twitch. We are going to be discussing the two ways that you can avail to donate on twitch. Streamers on twitch are mostly facilitated by Streamlabs and Paypal to get paid.

Ways to Donate on Twitch:

Here are the two ways that can be utilized to donate on twitch.

  1. Support the streamers using Donation.
  2. Support the streamers using Bits.

You are suggested to follow the step by step guide to completely learn the section.

(a) Support the streamers using Donation:

  1. Hit the link on your browser.
  2. Login to your Twitch account.
  3. Find the streamer you want to give a donation and go to his/her channel.
  4. On the channel, scroll down until you find a link to Donate. The donation link can be in the different forms like one shown in the figure.
  5. Open the link of Donation; you will see something new on your screen similar to the figure shown.
  6. Provide the required details and click on the Donate button.
  7. It will make you either sign in to an application if you are Streamlabs user or it can redirect you to the PayPal or credit card processing screen.
  8. Click on the submit donation button.
donate on twitch
how to donate on twitch

(b) Support the streamers using Bits:

One thing that is important to be noticed while learning this section is you must have an Amazon account. Because you can buy the bits directly from twitch using the Amazon account money.

  1. Hit the link on your browser.
  2. Login to your twitch account.
  3. You will find Get Bits Button on the top right corner of the screen. Click the button.
  4. Select the number of bits you want to buy in the menu appears.
  5. You will be asked to connect to your Amazon account.
  6. Sign in to your Amazon account and connect it with Twitch.
  7. You will have Bits in your Twitch account once you have completed the payment process.
  8. Find the streamer you want to support by giving Bits and go to his/her channel.
  9. In the chatbox, type cheer followed by the number of bits you want to donate on twitch i.e. type cheer1000 if you want to donate 1000 bits to the streamer.

Congratulation! You have learned the ways to donate on twitch successfully. You can follow the guide every time you want to donate on twitch.

donate on twitch via bits
how to donate on twitch 2

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