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domain definition

What is a Domain Name? | Domain Definition

Domain Definition:

Domain Definition : Domain name is exact address of your webpage that people enter in the internet browser’s URL bar to see your website.
In simple words, if your website is considered as a house, your domain name will exactly be its address used to locate its location.

A more comprehensive explanation:

The Internet is a huge network of computers linked to each other by using a global network of optic fiber cables. Each PC on this network can get in touch with other computers online.

To identify all of them, each PC is designated an Internet protocol address which is usually written/spoken as an IP address. It is a list of numbers that identify a specific computer around the internet. Usually, IP address appears like this: 57.876.34.1

Now an Internet protocol address like this is very difficult to keep in mind.
Domain names had been invented to resolve this problem.

So, if you want to go to a website, you don’t have to enter a long string of numbers. Rather, you can visit this by writing an easy to remember domain name within your browser’s address bar. For example, plusfeeds.com.

What is the response of browser on entering domain name?

Your internet browser sends a request to a global network of servers that make up the Domain Name System. These web servers then search for the name servers associated with a domain and forward the request to those name servers.

For example, if your site is managed on Hostgator, then their name server info will be such as this:

These name servers will be computers handled by your website hosting company. Your website hosting company now forwards your request to the computer system where your website is kept.

This computer system is known as a web server. It will have a special software program installed (Apache, Nginx happen to be two well-known web server softwares). The web server now fetches the desired website and transmits it back to the browser.

What is the difference between a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

If a domain name is considered as the address of the website, then web hosting is the home exactly where your website resides.

domain definition
domain definition

This will be an actual computer where your website’s files will be stored. These type of servers are given as a service by hosting companies.To have your own website, you require both domain name and web hosting service.

However, it’s crucial to remember that they are two different services, and you may buy them coming from two separate companies.

You now may be thinking, how would it work in case you bought both services from two different companies?
You just need to edit the domain name configurations and enter your Name Server information given by your web host. Name Server information identifies where to send out user requests for your domain.

It is recommended to get both services from the same company for easy and better operations.

This allows one to easily control your domain name and hosting under the same account.
To select a suitable domain name for your website, read our next article.

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