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Cicret Bracelet

Cicret Bracelet

Cicret Bracelet:


Early in nineties, when Nokia introduced their first transportable phone weighed 10kg in the market, people were forced to believe that the era of improvement and innovations in the field of communication has now come. The way people convinced to use the technology made the manufacturers think that they have to do something new that provide comfort to users. So, they focused on the weight of the hardware and they increased it down to as much as they can. Can you believe that Apple IPhone SE is just 113g in weight that decreased the human effort (easy to carry). So, we can see that decreasing from 10kg to 113g and much more is absolutely appreciable.


Cicret Bracelet

Now the people want to make least effort & at the same time they want to enjoy more than before. For the purpose, technologist did their best to innovate the idea of “Cicret Bracelet” also known in the market as “Smartphone Watch” that would definitely take the generation to the world they had dreamt once.  With the help of this amazing technology you will be able to use your phone with no handset in your hands. Yeah, that is true.


But the question here is how the device named as “Cicret Bracelet”? Here is the answer. When you will wear the bracelet in your wrist and rotate the device in a certain direction, the Pico Projector will project the interface on your arm by stopping one of the eight Proximity Sensors pointing towards the forearm of you. It will send the information back to the processor of bracelet in the form of signals. SO, you will see the screen of your mobile phone on your arm and will be able to function your phone by touching the icons of your screen on your arm.


Cicret Bracelet

OK let’s discuss what features will this “Cicret Bracelet” have. Functions that help the date to be transferred wirelessly like Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, storage in the form of memory card & ROM , vibrator for notification & feedback, a battery, USB port, LED, system’s own processor etc. The technology is in its prototype stage and taking a lot of effort of the technologists to be finally announced officially.


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