Most Popular Programming Languages in 2018

Most Popular Programming Languages

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2018 Java If we compare the popularity of java on the basis of figures/numbers we surely come to know that Java has lost its demand by about thousands of job postings in 2018 in comparison to 2017 but remains considered as a highly well-established programming …

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Best IDE for Python in 2019

Best IDE for Python

Best IDE for Python Our first baby steps with Python, which Generally involve making a ‘Hello World’ program and a couple of typos, do not need much in the means of specialist tools. It is okay to hammer out the code in a text editor, changes to a terminal, and …

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What is Virtual Reality?

what is virtual reality

What is Virtual Reality? For the past few years, we all have been listening to a term Virtual Reality. We are going to find out what Virtual reality is and how it works. The basic concept of this technology is to see the things/places and everything around you that actually …

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linux commands

LIST OF LINUX COMMANDS You need an operating system like windows to run your computer/laptop at your office and many other forums but for security purposes from hackers, etc. there is a need of some secure operating system and Linux is the first choice for these guys. It normally works …

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How to Make Bootable USB

iso to usb

HOW TO CONVERT YOUR USB INTO A BOOTABLE DEVICE Hey, if you want to install any operating system or any software you want to run on your PC/Laptop you must do it via USB device because its speed is far better than the speed of a CD room. The function …

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Android Phone Secret Codes

Android Secret Codes

List of Android Phone Secret Codes There are billions of android supported phone’s users in the world right now. Most of them just go to Google play store, write the name of any application and get it for free, but at the same time, there are some advanced users who …

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