You might have listened to a quote “ Health is like Money, We never have a true idea of its value until we Lose it” and many others that make us realize the importance of Health. It costs money to stay Healthy, but it’s even more expensive to get sick.  To keep ourselves healthy, our body regularly needs nutrition contained minerals which are obtained by plants and animals. Here we will discuss the importance of few minerals for the production of energy in our body & how we can get these minerals in our daily diet.


Take a short look at the energy production in our body. In accordance with research; red blood cells in our body helps oxygen to reach that part of the body where it can be used for energy production. Without the Iron molecules; red blood cells and oxygen will not be able to stick with each other and hence oxygen will not reach at the place of energy production in body result in deficiency of energy for body to perform tasks. Vegetables like tomato, potato, mushrooms and fruits like Mulberries, olive etc. are full of iron so must be used.




Our body has separate system for every single function. Immune system is one of the most important system which helps to resist/defend the damage/infection to our body. Whenever we get ill or wound on our body it is that immune system helping us to recover from that disease. According to research; Calcium is the very first thing that helps to recover the damaged tissue. Deficiency of calcium can lead to many other diseases like dullness, insensitivity, loss of appetite etc. We can get enough of calcium from fruits like Orange, Dates, Apricots (best in dried form) and vegetables like Spinach, Sweet Potato, soybeans etc.


Like every other communication system in technology, different functions in our body communicate with each other by sending and receiving signal or impulse with the help of Nerves and Muscles. So our nerve and muscular system must needed to be very strong as it is controlling so many important tasks. For example when we move in a straight line and suddenly want to change our direction, these are the nerves and muscles which help to communicate between brain and the concerned system and hence we change our direction. Research says Potassium plays a vital role to keep the nerve & muscular system strong. Vegetables like Green Peas, Tomato, Potato, summer squash and fruits like Banana, Cucumber, & Mushrooms etc. are enough of Potassium.




Like Calcium; Zinc is also important for Immunity system. A brief description of immunity system has already been discussed in few paragraphs before so here we will get to know about the nutrients full of zinc. Fruits like Pomegranate, Blackberries, Raspberries and vegetables like Pumpkin, Soybeans, Green beans etc. are enough of Zinc.


        “Love Yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle”

Written by: Saadat Ullah